An Engineer by profession, a laid back lazy person by physical activities, a socially aloof person by nature, but an extremely active and also reactive person in my mind, so that’s me. Well also creative, at least when I write, anyway enough about me and now about “Bohemian23.com”.

With the current situation where everyone seems to be struggling with the ongoing pandemic the one positive thing that has happened to most of our lives is TIME, ie we now have time to spend some with our family, friends and other relations. Also, TIME to contemplate and rediscover our likings, our forsaken interests, our forgotten passions and much more. With TIME as the silver lining in this tough time, I decided to replenish my old lost avocation of books and writing. Through Bohemian23.com I will not only feed my hobby for writing but shall also cover my genres of interest like History, Mythology, Science and much more which hopefully will not only be fun to read but also informative.
Finally, the name of my blog, “Bohemian”. The word Bohemian is believed to have originated in France somewhere in the mid of 19th century and the meaning of the word is “someone who is deeply interested in art, music, literature, etc and lives informally, ignoring the conventional ways of living and behaving.” So BE CREATIVE, BE INFORMAL, BE YOU.

_Amitabha Dhar